Let’s make your vision for smart, connected buildings a reality

At DSI, we can help you take advantage of smart building technology to create intuitive, trusted facilities – empowering you to lower costs, create efficiencies, invest in the future, and improve the lives of the employees, students, or citizens you serve.

When it comes to smart building technology, the possibilities are almost endless – and we’d like you to know that plenty of them are not only attainable, but can also fit into even the tightest of budgets!

Smart buildings aren’t just for big corporations or new construction

There are many elements that can be added to your existing facilities to help you with the biggest challenges you’re facing – from addressing changing health and safety concerns to reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Along with building a strong security and network foundation, we have the solutions, partnerships, and expertise to help bring many use cases to life, including:

Building and people safety

HVAC and lighting management

Air quality monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Smart parking, elevators, and warehouses

Occupancy and space usage


Win a Cisco Security Kit!


If you schedule an initial meeting with one of our smart building experts, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a Cisco Security Kit that includes a computer privacy pack, ear buds, touch tool, travel water bottle, and USB adapter. Simply fill out the form to schedule your meeting!


See what’s possible

Our experts will share the possibilities, discuss your vision, and work with you to schedule the best next step – whether that’s an assessment, product demo, or proof of concept.

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The value of a partner like DSI

When you work with us, you get a true partner who knows your industry and how IoT, networking, and security can all work together for you.